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The world has turned upside down with the introduction of direct distribution systems (i.e. the smart phone we all carry), and many businesses have discovered that they are no longer limited by “intermediaries” who want a significant “slice of the pie. Film and animation material are only getting started down this path, but BZani Animation Studios will take it a step further by allowing investors to participate in the creation of fun, animated series and characters that they can OWN!

Amazing Story

Most importantly, we’re creating amazing characters and stories that we’ll own, and then we’ll keep as much ownership as possible as we strike agreements to get them out there as online games, t-shirts, toys, playing cards, and other merchandising options.

This is what the big corporations do, but we’re bypassing the middlemen and getting straight to the source!

Making most films—and certainly many animated television shows—is a high reward venture. All of the secondary licensing and merchandising deals that may be made in areas like publishing, video games, merchandise, and so on are where the real money in animation is produced. BZani Animation Studios’ strategy is to generate low-cost IP that we can sell as much as possible in order to maximize merchandising earnings in the long run.


Disney, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., and other studios…

For Disney and others, our team has produced characters, feature films, television series, and intellectual concepts that have grossed MANY BILLIONS of dollars in worldwide box office, merchandising, and licensing. Animation Directors and executives from Disney and Fortune 500 companies are among our advisors.


Animated shows and character IP are worth trillions of dollars around the world.

What is the purpose of creating animated content? Merchandising, cross-demographic appeal, and a long product lifetime are three factors. Merchandising is frequently an even more lucrative revenue stream than content creation itself. Furthermore, animation appeals to people of any age and genres. Animated entertainment is consumed by children, teenagers, and adults alike. Finally, animated films and television programs span decades and are repeatedly watched by many of its viewers.

Hollywood Hoosiers

We’ve already developed and are moving into animation production on THE HOLLYWOOD HOOSIERS SERIES (for more information, see our HollywoodHoosiers.com website), with many more in the planning stages. We’ll start forming distribution relationships & with our most popular intellectual properties, extend the content (new episodes). In addition, we will start merchandising and licensing deals with our media properties.

where are we going with this?

We want to utilize animation to develop world-class IP (intellectual properties) that we can produce in-house or in collaboration with other animation studios, or entertainment organizations. 

Then, working together, we’ll distribute this material to people everywhere. We have projects ready to be created, and as a team, we can build long-lasting material and characters that will fascinate people for centuries to come.

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